Mutolere SS Alumni gathering in Kampala re-union this weekend

St. Paul’s Mutolere Secondary School has Million alumni on Global count including those in Uganda and the rest of the world, the majority living in Kampala and cities nearby. Many of them are colleagues in different Institutions like the National Water & Sewerage Corporation, Uganda Police, Military, and many other public and private bodies across the nation.

The evening of July 28, 2019 the alumni meet up gathering will be held at Legends Bar & Restaurant, Lugogo, in Kampala and this organisation has been spearheaded by the giant school’s old students around Kampala. Alumni from different countries and other corners of the world will be present in the refresher course get together with their class mates in Uganda, after many years.
It will be a first memorable event where everybody will get the opportunity to increase connectivity, networking and plan future actions to be in touch. It will be highly evaluated for all alumni that will be very grateful to have the opportunity to meet.

The evening will end with the launch of the official St. Paul’s Mutolere Seconadry School Alumni Group Uganda, to facilitate the communication among alumni of the country and the Alma matter. Alumni will also be invited to update their contact details on the alumni online portal and keep them up to date to be always connected for Jobs, Meet up and other social related matters.

This however calls for everyone that was once a scholar at the mighty school to come and be part of the 2019 Alumni Gathering.

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