Kyagulanyi Bids Farewell to his Kyadondo East Voters


The Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias has asked his electorate to find another able leader to represent them in the 11th parliament.

Kyagulanyi told mourners at the memorial prayers for his late driver, Yasin Kawuma in Lusanja in Kasangati Town Council that the ‘persecution and murder of a number of pro-change activists has strengthen his resolve to change the status quo.

Kawuma was gunned down on August 13th 2018 during the Arua Municipality parliamentary bi-elections when some voters reportedly stoned the president’s motorcade leading to a debacle with his security detail.

Kyagulanyi, who claims that the government has been witch-hunting several people power activists across the country, says they have been left without any option to fight back using all means possible as provided for in the constitution.

Prior to 2017, the afro beat music artist wasn’t known on the political scene. Kyagulanyi short to the lime light when he defeated NRM strongman, Sitenda Sebalu in the 2017 Kyadondo East primary elections. He took the country by storm when he put up a spirited fight against the removal of the presidential age limit under the ‘Togikwatako campaign’, which gave birth to the red beret and people power pressure group

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