Former Kisoro Vision School Student Hakiza Ronald Wins h $100,000 Entrepreneurship Tech Award

Former Kisoro Vision School Student Hakiza Ronald Wins $100,000 Entrepreneurship Award in Casablanca, Morocco

He is the proud founder of UgaBus Inc, Start-up in Uganda.

Eliminate the hassle and waste of bus ticketing. You can access UgaBus via this link or Download it from Google and Apple Stores. This Application is Mobile user friendly and you can pay for your ticket using Mobile Money as a quickest way of booking your Bus seat.

UgaBus eliminates the hassle of bus ticketing for customers and bus operators. The Ugandan startup is a pioneering travel aggregator that relieves the stress of booking and printing tickets. The founder Ronald says, “a customer can book any bus travel to anywhere in East Africa from the comfort of their homes.”

And electronic tickets reduce paper waste by 50% from the thousands of daily bus riders. UgaBus plans to scale to the 200+ bus operators in Uganda and the nearly 200,000 daily passengers.

Congratulations Hakiza Ronald!

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